About Us

Who we are

We met while on a similar journey; both trying to find our own answers to the secret of creating a wonderful life. Our backgrounds and interests were somewhat different. Jo has a degree in psychology but has spent most of the last several years exploring spirituality, shamanism and most recently consciousness. George spent many years delving into self-development and growth, ultimately leading him down the path of spirituality and consciousness.

Jo is a certified coach, George is in the process of completing his certification. They share the same values, intentions and goals and work together to inspire and support others to create a life of lasting peace, joy and fulfillment.

Their shared desire is to live a rich and full life; each following their passion and living their purpose supported by the other. They are best friends, husband and wife and business partners. They live in the beautiful, peaceful village of Warkworth Ontario, where they continue to grow and create together.  Synergistically.


about Jo

Experience is the key; feeling your magnificence shifts everything. If you haven’t felt it yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t. Allow yourself to believe.’

Jo Caragh is a coach, speaker, and writer who develops programs designed to create the space for people to experience their truth and their power.

She believes that everyone’s essence is magnificent. She also believes that people are often not aware of, or connected to, their true self. Her experience has been that by allowing yourself to feel magnificent, even for a few minutes a day, you begin to generate new beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Life will continue to happen; what will change is the way in which you experience it. Jo’s experience with depression (culminating in a diagnosis of ‘major depressive disorder’) was ultimately the catalyst for developing The Magnificence Movement.

Her mission is to help you discover your truth, experience your magnificence and consciously create the life you came here to live; a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Jo is a certified professional coach and holds a BA (Hons.) in psychology from York University in Toronto.

about George

George Miranda is a musician, coach, speaker, personal program designer and professional firefighter who coaches people in finding their own inner wisdom and power.

George knows that we create our own reality and that we are responsible for our life experiences. This awareness gives us the ability to be ourselves and create the life we truly choose.

George has valuable experience coaching and training in competitive level sports and has studied personal development extensively. By serving the public in the most serious emergencies, he has seen the resilience and power that people have within to overcome adversity.

George is an Acting Captain with Toronto Fire Services, Certified Interprovincial Electrician, holds a General Business Certificate from Centennial College, and is completing certification as a Certified Professional Coach.

"The truth of who you are is not something to be explained, it is something to be experienced."